The Visioning Project

Before we can move forward politically we need a vision of where we are going and to be effective, it must be a collective vision.  As the Harvard Business Review states, “Constituents want visions of the future that reflect their own aspirations….the best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present. The only visions that take hold are shared visions —and you will create them only when you listen very, very closely to others, appreciate their hopes, and attend to their needs.”

The Visioning Project gathers thought leaders from across the resistance in groups of twelve to engage in "round table" discussions about what the future we are creating will look like.  Our goal is to listen to those who are connected deeply within our communities and to understand their visions for our country.  

We begin each session by focussing on our underlying systems including criminal justice, immigration, healthcare, education, our economy and human rights (including racial justice and women's rights).  As we move through these discussions we will identify more areas to include in our work.  

The Visioning Project brings us beyond resistance, visioning creates a collective picture of where we are heading.  Be part of the conversation.  

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